Staring at a blank canvas thinking of what to write, i must admit that writing my thoughts now feels kind of weird, after always editing and self censoring oneself. i think its been about 3 years since i wrote like this somewhere online. Trying to get back the habit of just writing here without judgment of oneself, but just write to write to think about life. Often now when i write i wonder if anyone would judge the stuff i write and i write and rewrite many times. But i will try to do differently here!

I have been trying to read more blogs, more than just instagram and i came across Rebecca Toh and Foster Huntington aka a restless transplant who echo the same sentiments of bringing back more original creators and diverging from social media giants. I still love instagram alot and wont leave it anytime soon, but i do want to have a place I own, and this place is the answer.

So interesting, i never thought of why we slowly moved away from blogging. Which led me to reminisce about the old way of writing and pouring your thoughts out, instagram does hold this weight of perfection and prettiness and like distant version of myself. So whether there is an audience or not, it doesn’t matter. I am here now, after trying to build this blog from scratch i have finally created something i think i like. Shout out to james who wont be reading this!

Finally learning a new piece, I am trying to learn Clair De Lune on the piano O.O high level, cause got 6 pages and 5 flats. Honestly the rhythm after the second page sounds like abit beyond me. I will be happy to play just the first page lol. Also i finally finished Traumerei.