Okay i obviously didn’t write more since april o____o, has it been 2 months since?! oh my god time flies.

Anyway i wanted to list this down because i saw online that IMDA’s code of practice sensors many lgbtq+ materials, and i am deeply upset about this shit, because if 14 year old me never found blue gate crossing i would have been someone else.

The importance of making films and watching films is to understand even if just a-little better about the world, or experiences that are not yours, not erase the shared experiences. damn it.

So today i wanted to make a list of my top 5 favourite queer films of all time, I am no film critique but i love making list so here goes.

  1. Blue Gate Crossing
    Watch for a coming of age piece of magic, when watching this you can feel like wind in your hair and those moments of all our youths racing back, those moment between growing up and feeling its bleakness while trying to understand what growing feels like.

    I loved this film since i was 14, stumbled on it in poh kim(haha the good old days of standing there for ages everyday after school) was so intrigued deliberated for days before my friend said she would buy 1 VCD for my birthday! It turned out so much more than the teenage me could have ever asked for. Btw i think i have watched it maybe 200 times with my sister until the VCD spoiled.

  2. I Told Sunset About You
    Has a damn special place in my heart and must make it to this list.
    Burgeoning friendship threading that fine invisible line, societal’s judgement and one’s eternal quest of finding oneself.
    Also watch if you want to see intense heart pounding moments and out of this world chemistry.

    Caveat first that music and sound design is lacking and outrageous sometimes and you must sit through episode 1. Total 5 episodes.

  3. Tomboy
    Just rewatched this, hands down most natural and introspective performances, a film that treats children with total autonomy and like adults.

  4. Fucking Åmål
    This is one of my most recent films about 2 secondary school girls finding themselves, understanding their sexuality, the mircoagression that they face in school.
    Absolutely blown away by both leads.

  5. Girl
    Please only watch this when you have a tissue box next to you, it will break your heart into pieces but it is such an important film about a transgender teen determined to be a ballerina. everyone needs to watch this.

And after watching all these movies you will realize love is love and that the love portrayed here are not any lesser than that of a man and women.