From sunset to sunrise.

I told sunset about you was one glorious piece of work, the best coming of age series filled with gentleness and nuances but we get one hell of a roller coaster ride.

From burgeoning friendship, threading the fine invisible line, the play on Chinese idioms that acts like secret (秘密) love letters between Teh and Oh, those lingering coconut scent. Societal judgement, one’s eternal quest of finding of oneself.

Familial love that never falters was what made ITSAY a clear stand out, Hoon was such a pillar of support, in episode 5 of Teh conversation with Hoon was so heart breaking calming and sweet, it was everything one could ask for, truthful non idealistic words of comfort for someone coming out and enduring a such a heartbreak.

The normalisation of same sex relationship in this series was a refreshing eye opener. there were many instances of openness and acceptance, of course the best one being Hoon’s conversation with teh mentioned above, teh hitting on oh seems like another day in the lives of their friends (no questioning of two boys hitting on each other) and teacher (Laoshi) being supportive after the confession. As an Asian watching this I feel hearten to see same sex relationships depicted with such ease, perhaps in context of Thai society which I’m not familiar with, but watching how normal it was reflected in the lives of everyone was just beautiful in a sea of suffering LGBTQ characters and films. In fact teh is his own only obstacle as we see nothing but support love acceptance from his brother and friends.

Stunning heart tugging performance – we get two utterly flawed loveable characters that are portrayed AMAZINGLY by Billkin and PP who shined so far through the small screen with their explosive chemistry adding that special something to ITSAY that one cant quite explain.

The director and writers of the team deserves a standing ovation for this coming of age story that was made to shake all our hearts and souls, their direction was crystal clear and ITSAY never lost its way throughout the episodes. My only qualm was that the sound design are slightly jarring and distracting at times which over powers the emotions one is already feeling. On a side note watching the ITSAY documentary on youtube will help you appreciate all the intricacies, details, hard work, time and effort all cast and crew have worked so hard to achieve for this piece of work.

Just like the love story before you know it, pangs of heartbreak hits you, followed by lot of angst, then sweetness and that lovely tension blossoming between them will keep your heart and your eyes glued to the screen. ITSAY ripped my heart apart and mended it back many times over its 5 episodes.

All I know now is that I root for them every step of the way, their love, their despair and their growth and most importantly i wish there will be no more heart breaks next season 可以吗?

Some of my fav stills here.

Image credits to DP of I Told Sunset About You, Tang Tawanwad