Oct has been my best reading month in the last 5 years lol. I’ve been on a reading high ever since aug. Also might be because, I haven’t actually been deeply obsessed with anything since then LOL. Jan – June: I Told Sunset About You (abit siao now that was 6 months of just waiting),  June – Aug: Word of Honor

So since aug after being discharged from hospital i’ve been trying to find a new routine in life and i think that was how I found reading again. I feel like my world is already infinitely expanding, and my thoughts of life in general is not self focused as much anymore, not just about surviving during covid times or not traveling or just life in Singapore in general.

But no kidding though the past month I’ve been reading like I’m on fire, and it feels good really to go back to reading, i’m reminded of what I loved about fiction, being able to cross into worlds probably otherwise have no access to, you get to dive deep into a characters head, their thoughts, their truth, their experiences. Like widening your horizons without going anywhere. Just reading stories allows you to stand on the shoes of another. 

2019-2020 are were my worse reading years. Just fell into this slump, and couldn’t concentrate much while I read fiction, and just was very disinterested in general. 2019 I mainly read self-help, that if I’m honest now sometimes feel like someone lecturing you on how to live your life, and only coming to a late realization now that I’m not a fan of most self-help. 

I also realized that some topics which I absolutely loved last time just isnt the same now. Like I used to love anything WWII and Holocaust related. But now I’m just not interested in those stories anymore 🙁 last week I watched the pianist and omg my heart just bth, I think as I get older my heart just can’t tolerate this kind of heartbreak any longer, when I was younger I would like to think that the world is changing and can change, now I just watch the world with sad eyes and realize what happened during the Holocaust is still happening now just that it’s not called the Holocaust and I just damn upset about it, so I rather not think sometimes. 

Okok ya i hope that I’ll continue this habit for a long time to come. I also bought myself a new kobo cause my old one spoil. So ya some investment went into reading already! Did I mention what nice weather it is lately, rainy weather with coffee and book in hand, life!

Pic depicts how i feel about life currently.