Below was written in my notepad the day the coup happened, its been a month since and things in Myanmar have since only gotten worse. How do we help?

Some days my heart feel heavy, now is one of them, as the news of Myanmar’s coup taking over fills the news, I find myself back in 2012 walking through museums of WWII. The same feeling fills me today. As we continue living in post COVID-19 world, in a part of the world near me, millions are going through uncertain times, not knowing if what happened decades ago would return. 

I remember this line in Auschwitz deeply, “never again” never lead atrocities like these happen again.

We will never allow, but as I look into today’s world I realised one painful truth; that it is happening just not in the context where Jews are involved. But we have so many silent Holocaust happening everywhere. My heart feels heavy. If there isn’t a Germany raging war on the whole world, and the whole world trying to stop them, what can we do to help these marginalised groups even when we are unaffected? I don’t know I sound like a mess, but watching the Myanmar today just reminded me how dangerous it is for a one person’s ideology of power, can lead them to own the collective country thinking they have the right to. 

Thoughts are everywhere. And I hope everyone in Myanmar will be okay.