Ever since getting discharged last month i really have a new found appreciation for food!
I think the 2 days on drip and the 2 days on soft diet really really make me treasure every eating experience now. here are my food diaries.

Birthday celebration at AMANOS

Every meal was so good, and amanos had such a nice vibe, it reminded me of those small restaurant u stumble in overseas.

A very overpriced but nice tart at joochiat from windowsills pies, with a $6 200ml coffee which i wanna cry when gladys paid for it.
The best beef pho from Lung Phung at joojiat on my birthday
What gladys and i wipped up this weeeeek. Egg and cheese toast (glad i didnt laosai) and pasta salad with seaweed chicken
Shepherd’s Pie following gordon ramsay’s 2 minute ADHD recipe. turned out a bit too salty because never put red wine.
carbonara made from 1 year old expired carbonara sauce, taste as good as new, never laosai