Last year i set a small goal for myself, starting a new blog by 7 July 2020. Fast forward 1 year and its 7 July 2021, time flies. Even though i never really write much so glad this blog exist in my small world! My wall with my favourite photographer Mr Saul Leiter’s beautiful photographs.

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June was pride month, and i had this grand plan to read lgbtq fiction as an ode to pride, but turns out a Chinese “BL” called 山河令 (can i argue that this show is so much more than BL?) swept me off my feet and into a beautiful jianghu.

Thoughts about 山河令 ahead!

Still immersed and astonished by it, what i really liked and one of those the rare times i could understand the nuances of a language because its in chinese, sometimes english translation just never does another language justice. Also personally enjoy contemporary, i tend to gravitate towards shows that are more reflective of life, like those slice of life kind or romance. But when watching wuxia the genre itself extremely dramatic which i never quite understood, until 山河令. The killing and dying, loyalty and the jianghu’s brotherhood is really absolutely cathartic to watch.

山河令 has alot of undercurrent love line going on between the both male leads, in the name of brotherhood. Love between two people who are each other’s light in this darkness, ah damn i cannot la, this kind of stuff makes me combust, when love is not outrightly shown but in every single small action made by one another, and in every single gaze.

I never thought that wuxia chinese “bromance” drama could reflect so much about life, but as i watched i realised its parallel to our modern world. When we fight for a place to be heard in this world, what matter’s more is finding someone who understands you, in Chinese its called 知己(first word means to know the second word means self) or 知音 (second word means to listen) someone who listens and understands you. it got me thinking, though living is complicated as it is, in the end what matters most is finding this 知己/知音 and thats enough.

“我就是觉得 活着 给太阳晒着 还有一个人的名字给我这么叫着 真的挺好的” Living, basking in the sun, and having someone’s name to call, its pretty nice.

This line above implying that having the sun on your skin and someone by your side, isn’t this life enough? it’s lines and scenes like that which really gets to me. i can keep going on and on. but really what a beautiful piece of work, love between two people.

“难留少年时,总有少年来” Difficult to retain those youthful days, but the youth will always exist. Ok sorry the english really doesn’t do it any justice.

And my favourite, 天涯浪客,唯君与吾足矣 Wanderers of the world, only you and I are enough.